certifications-logosContact Preferred Exteriors & Renovations for your next remodeling job. From kitchens and bathrooms to new home additions, if you own a home in Sodus Point look no further than your local, affordable and certified choice. We are Certainteed certified 5 star contractors that are fully Insured.


happy-kitchen-remodelSodus Point Kitchen Remodel-

Live in or around Sodus Point, Wolcott, Sodus Bay area, Red Creek or Port Bay and need a kitchen makeover? Call us today at 315-729-1120. Or simply fill out our quick quote form to the right. People all over the Wayne County area are raving over the craftsmanship and care that Preferred Exteriors & Renovations bring to the table.



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Hire the professionals to remodel your bathroom. Preferred Exteriors, 5 Star Certainteed contractor. You can’t go wrong with experience, quality, and affordability backed by the best certifications and materials in the business! Call us today at 315-729-1120.



additionSodus Point Home Additions-

Mother-in-law moving in? Need space for a new baby or addition to your family? Why not contact Preferred Exteriors & Renovations, Sodus Point’s #1 choice of fully insured and certified contractors that are friendly, efficient and responsive to the unique wants and needs of our clients. Take advantage of the gorgeous environment and scenery in Sodus Point and add a beautiful Sun Room or Bay Window space. Call us at 315-720-1129.